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Victoria Webb's paintings make a character of color. She deploys it to evoke the natural world in hyper-vivid hues across a vigorously composed canvas, taking and creating pleasure in bold contrasts and eruptive energies that stimulate the eye and imagination. The qualities of abstraction in her work are intense and playful, even kinetic: there is a strong aspect that is akin to the improvisational gambit of a jazz quartet, reinventing a familiar melody, turning it sideways, digging into its core to reveal something unseen yet elemental. Webb rethinks landscape as a field of desire, sometimes unspoken and sometimes overwhelming, pure in its force and forceful in its purity. As such, her paintings reflect not only the kaleidoscopic shimmer of the natural world, but act as a radiant prism for our interior landscapes as well.

Steve Dollar
NYC-based cultural critic
Brooklyn NY

Steve Dollar has written about the arts and entertainment for publications including a weekly City Arts column for Newsday. the book Jazz Guide New York City (Little Bookroom), The Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, GQ, and The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock 'n' Roll. He lives in New York City.