GHGR Members
Chester County Greenhouse Gas Reduction Task Force

The Chester County Greenhouse Gas Reduction Task Force Members: 

Chairman: Steve Fromnick  

Organizational, Planning & Local Org Interface: Dave Ward

Legal Member (Environmental, Financial, Non-profit): Bob McKinstry, Jr.

Subject Matter Expert (Solid Waste, recycling): Bob Watts

Educator/Environmentalist: Charles Shorten, PhD & Russell Richards, West Chester University

External Consultant: Duncan Allison, Chair Chester Co. Agricultural Council

Energy Industry Representative: Vicky Will, Exelon Power

LEED Expertise: Paul Spiegel, PE, Project Management

Consultant, Green Org. Representative: Tom O'Donnell, PhD

Transportation and Land Use: Co-Chair, Dave Ward

Waste Managements & Recycling: Co-Chairs, Bob Watts, Nancy Fromnick

Agriculture and Forestry: Co-Chair, Duncan Allison

Energy/Commercial, Residential, Industrial: Co-Chair, R. McKinstry, V. Will

Communications and Outreach: Co-Chairs, Victoria Webb, Tom O'Donnell

Information and Research: Co-Chair, Mike Bullard

Carbon Inventory: Chair: Don Verdiani



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