Victoria Webb's background as a painter, and in particular her interest in abstraction and early avant-garde animation and film, has influenced all her subsequent design, broadcast and interactive work. Several of her videos have appeared in festivals, including Atlanta's Image Film and Video Festival. She has shot on Hi8, DV and Super8 film, using elements in both commercial and independent work.

Over twenty years of broadcast experience has given her the ability to create imaginative solutions for strategic branding issues within the convergence of both broadcast and interactive.

She began her commercial design career at The Weather Channel in Atlanta, following with work for Design Efx, the early dynamic and diversified design group for Crawford Post. Working with Atlanta's Olympic Broadcasting Group, she helped create a total design package that 175 broadcasters from around the world used in their live programming during the 1996 Olympics.

At ZDTV's first interactive cable channel in San Francisco, she helped found and manage the graphics team, developing the twelve pilots that earned ZDTV its initial cable carriage and carried it through to its next incarnation as TechTV.
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Active in the Broadcast Design Association since 1984, she has served as a judge for the annual Awards Conference since 1999. She was recently awarded a Silver Telly for work she produced at QVC. In 1998 she was profiled in Diem, BDA's magazine, in an article that discussed her fine arts contribution to broadcast design. She has won numerous awards from the Broadcast Design Association, The International Monitor Awards, Cable Advertising and Promotions and artists grants.

She was Broadcast Graphics Manager for QVC's corporate headquarters in West Chester, PA from 2004-2008. In 2005 Webb proposed unifying QVC's visual identity, no overall strategic brand effort having been made in over twenty years. She was part of the senior focus team that worked over two years to identify and build the new brand and visuals. The result that launched in fall of 2007, is a more identifiable and consistent look for QVC, as well as having updated promotional messaging.

“Good design and editing conveys a message with emotional impact, just as striking art evokes an emotional response.”
Webb has editing and art in her blood. Her father Robert A. Webb, was an editor for MetroGoldwynMayer and 20th Century Fox in Hollywood’s early days. After moving to the east coast in the early 1950’s, he worked commercially in Washington, DC, Princeton, NJ and NYC. She developed her artistic sensibility as a child, watching her mother paint and later studied extensively with the Chatovs, prominent portrait painters in Atlanta.

She exhibited regularly in Atlanta from 1981 to 1997. Since then she has shown in various museum and group shows, in NYC, PA and Italy.